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As almost any person who has recovered from the grips of OCD and anxiety disorders will attest, the choice of doctor/therapist is a crucial, often making the difference between recovery and disability. Seeing a specialist in OCD and anxiety treatment is crucial. Considered the “gold standard” of treatment for OCD, exposure and response prevention (ERP), is not widely available as it requires specialized training and experience to implement effectively.  It is said that most persons with OCD and anxiety disorder typically will see between 5-10 practitioners before finding the right help. We at the OCD Resource Center are nationally recognized experts in the use of ERP and exposure-based therapies for the variety of OCD and anxiety disorders.  As such, we are committed to the highest quality of compassionate care. Join the legions of former clients who, through our help, have discovered the potential for a rich and productive life, not restrained by OCD and anxiety symptoms.

We feel that effective management of OCD and anxiety disorders requires that each client is to be viewed as unique in terms of their level of impairment, their previous treatment encounters, their personal strengths and weaknesses, environmental forces and personal attributes that both impede and propel the recovery process. Therefore, we offer a variety of levels of care, each tailored specifically to the needs of the individual client. Unique to our approach is our willingness to work with clients in the very situations where the fear is triggered, be it in the home, in a mall, in a hospital waiting room, restaurant, elevator, or commercial airline. This “exposure in vivo” (in the very situation where the anxiety occurs) is a uniquely powerful tool, often bringing about extremely rapid progress in conditions previously considered resistant or untreatable.

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