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Our Approach to Helping

Man covered in text with light radiating from mindOur approach to treatment is guided by the values we hold about human beings: we believe in the innate potential of all of those burdened by OCD and anxiety disorders, no matter how impaired and disabled, to overcome challenges and live richer, more productive lives. Our approach reflects a bio-psycho-social orientation to so-called “mental disorders.” We believe that those who seek our help develop problems through a unique combination of innate biological predispositions and vulnerabilities effecting brain chemistry and circuitry, cognitive and behavioral factors (the beliefs and attitudes you hold and how you respond “in action” to these), plus factors in the environment (such as life stress, developmental, and familial factors).

As cognitive-behavioral therapists, we are experts in the role of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that maintain OCD and anxiety disorders. The new and emerging science of “neuroplasticity” is providing increasing evidence that changing our thinking and modes of behavior can result in positive changes to brain circuitry and brain chemistry. We specialize in “evidence-based” methods – ones that have been shown conclusively through controlled scientific studies, to help OCD and anxiety disorders.  These include “exposure-based” methods that emphasize change through direct action, that is, changing our habitual thoughts and behaviors in the presence of fear. Exposure and response prevention (ERP), considered the “gold standard” for OCD treatment, is but one of many these evidence-based tools available to help confront fear, reduce avoidance and break the vicious cycle of OCD and anxiety.

Unique to our approach is our willingness to work with clients in the very situations where the fear is triggered, be it in the home, in a mall, a hospital waiting room, restaurant, elevator, airport, elevator or public bathroom. “Exposure in vivo” – or confronting fear in the situations where fear arises, is a uniquely powerful tool, often bringing about rapid progress in clients whose problems were considered resistant or untreatable.  In addition to our central mission of providing expert level treatment for OCD and anxiety disorders, we are committed to reducing the levels of ignorance and stigma related to OCD and anxiety disorders in our community and nationwide.


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